Here are pictures of some of the quaint, old covered bridges
for which Vermont is known...These bridges were photographed at 
the end of September, 2000.
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Greenbanks Hollow 
Danville, VT
(My favorite)

Northfield Lattice,

Another Northfield Bridge

South Northfield Bridge

Ferrisburgh Bridge

Bridge at Salisbury VT

Railroad Bridge
at Shoreham VT

Pulp Mill Bridge
at Middlebury VT

Bridge at Brandon VT

View through the
Shoreham Bridge

Pulp Mill Bridge 
at Dusk 
Middlebury VT

Bridge at Westford VT

Northfield Bridge
Side view

Bridge Near
Bennington VT

(Notice the walkway
for pedestrians)

Bridge along the 
Kankamaugus HIghway
(This one is in 
New Hampsphire)

Side view of the New Hampshire Bridge

South Central

Lyndonville, Vermont
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This background was made from a digital photo of a Vermont hillside in September of 2000.