We convince ourselves 
that life will be better after 
we get married, have a baby, then 
another. Then we are frustrated that 
the kids aren't old enough and we'll be 
more content when they are. After 
that, we're frustrated that we have 
teenagers to deal with. We will 
certainly be happy when they are out of 
that stage. We tell ourselves that our 
lives will be complete when our spouse 
gets his or her act together, when we 
get a nicer car, buy a house, 
when we are able to go 
on a nice vacation or when we retire.


The truth is there's no better time to 
be happy than right now. 

If not now, when? 

Our lives will always be filled 
with challenges.  It's best 
to admit this to ourselves and decide to 
be happy anyway . Happiness is the way. 
So, treasure every moment that you 
have and treasure it more because you 
shared it with someone special enough 
to spend your time with .... 
and remember that time waits for no one.


So, stop waiting ... 
Until your car or home is paid off. 
Until you get a new car or home. 
Until your kids leave the house. 
Until you go back to school. 
Until you finish school. 
Until you lose 10 lbs. 
Until you gain 10 lbs. 
Until you get married. 
Until you get a divorce. 
Until you have kids. 
Until you retire. 
Until summer.. 
Until spring. 
Until winter. 
Until fall. 
Until you die. 

There is no better time 
than right now to be happy. 
Happiness, like Life, 
is a journey, not a destination. 
work like you don't need money, 
love like you've never been hurt,
and, dance like no one's watching. 



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