Remembering Mindy



"We will always remember her this way"

She ran

barefoot in cool grass

golden curls shining in the sun

but soon she

came seeking comfort in my lap

pink cheeks, damp curls, sweet milk scent

she slept.


At 13 months old, 
she preferred being in the 
toybox with the toys

At 19-20 months old...
shortly after her sister, Amy, 
was born...

At three years old
(she had been asked to "smile")...

At eight years old...
(sorry, Mindy, but we 
like this picture...)

She sang

mostly right on key

with her sisters - what fun they had

but sometimes

so bossy - "Do what I tell you

I'm the oldest one and you're not"

She'd say.

Mindy, Marci, and Amy 
in Three Rivers...

Amy, Marci and Mindy 
at the beach...

Marci was 3, Amy, 6, 
and Mindy was 8.



In time

she ran to meet friends

her fragrance wafting in her wake

still sometimes

sought comfort only I could give

tear-stained cheeks, her pillow damp

she slept.

Mindy "hams it up" 
for the camera-
right after she got her braces off
(at seventeen)...

Mindy is in the middle,
 Amy on top,
Marci on bottom...

Mindy and John-
After their garden wedding...


Then, this

child ran barefoot in

cool grass- squealing, chased joyous dog

I watched her

seek comfort in your loving arms

my heart's children - curls entwined -

both slept.



and her daughter,Taylor

 Taylor was about 10 months old
(The spot on Mindy's left cheek
is a dimple)


Left to right:
Amy, Marci and Mindy in Hawaii

Amy and Marci had flown there
to visit Mindy, her husband John, 
and their daughter, Taylor.




Mindy with Taylor
Taylor was  3 years old

September 15, 1962 - August 1, 1996


Taylor and her Goldendoodle. Ginger,
whom she trained to be a Therapy Dog
May, 2011

Poems below are in
Rememberence of Mindy

Mindy always loved the song
"The Dance"...
We believe it is the way she would
view her life.
Click HERE
to listen to this beautiful song
while reading the poems below.
 "...Our lives are better left to chance...
I could have missed the pain...
But I'd have had to miss the Dance..."


"Mansions of Light"
(An excerpt)

"...He said He'd never leave us 
to face our trials alone, 
And though sometimes we fail Him,
He never fails His own. 
And even when our choices 
are less than He would ask, 
He knows when human courage is 
unequal to the task. 
We cannot judge what happens,
though tears and questions start, 
We only see what's visible- 
God sees into the heart... 
And though there may be many things 
that we cannot explain, 
We can be sure it breaks HIS heart 
to see His children's pain. 
In loving arms He bears us 
to a quiet place apart 
Where He mends the wounded spirit 
and heals the broken heart. 
And so these ones we love so much 
have left our present sight 
And passed into a better world 
of majesty and light..."



"I'll lend you for a little time
a child of mine", He said,
"For you to love the while she lives
and mourn for when she's dead. 
It may be six or seven years,
or twenty-two or three, 
But will you, till I call her back,
take care of her for me.....?"
"She'll bring her charms to gladden you,
and shall her stay be brief,
You'll have her lovely memories 
as solace for your grief. 
I cannot promise she will stay 
since all from Earth return, 
But there are lessons, taught down there 
I want this child to learn." 
"I've looked the wide world over
in my search for teachers true,
And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes,
I have selected you." 
"Now will you give her all your love 
nor think the labor vain,
Nor hate Me when I come to call
to take her back again?" 
I fancied that I heard them say, 
"Dear Lord, Thy will be done!
For all the joy Thy child shall bring, 
the risk of grief we'll run. 
We'll shelter her with tenderness, 
we'll love her while we may,
And for the happiness we've known 
forever grateful stay;
But shall the angels call her, 
much sooner than we've planned, 
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes
and try to understand..."

 ~Edgar Guest

The following wonderful, 
inspirational quotation was
sent to me by Bill's cousin, "Auntie Selma".
When I'm feeling sad about the loss of
Mindy, our baby son or my mother,
it always lifts me up!
Please read:
Just Think!

Here is:
"My Poem for Mindy"
It  appears- in segments -on this page.
Here is an explanation of how it came to be.
It was written while she was still living.




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