In the fall of 2001 we finally visited Oregon for the first time!  We know people who have been there many times and people who visit there every year, but we  had just never gone there ourselves. 
     When we finally decided to vacation in Oregon, we learned that it is all that people say it is.  Fresh and clean, and with the most amazing variations of scenery. 
     Our driving journey began immediately after we landed at the Portland International Airport, where we rented a car and headed east toward the Columbus River Gorge.  While driving along highway 84 beside the glorious, cold, fast moving Columbus River,  purportedly full of salmon, the first stop we made was at Multnomah Falls. Click on the image of the falls to the right and you can see a full sized image of what we experienced.  However, it can't make you smell the fragrance or feel the misty-crisp air and sense the power of the waterfall, or hear the sound the invigoratingly beautiful falls produced!