A Modern-day Fairy Tale

By Ryan B.
As dictated to Gran

Once upon a time there lived a lonely king. He was so lonely that one day he sent one of his men out to find him a pet. So the man followed his orders and found the king a pet, the pet was a big, big, duck!

The king loved his duck. He fed it and washed it twice a day and took it for walks and the duck even had its own collar. But what the king didn't know was that his precious duck was really a wicked, wicked witch! All of a sudden the duck swirled around and turned back into the witch!

The witch said, "Why did you do this to me? You took me for walks and you washed me twice a day! Ewwwwwww!!! For what you did to me you will die at midnight on the next full moon!!"

The king said, "Oh no!! Tonight is a full moon! Is there anything I can do to not die?" The witch said, "Nope! Nothing you can do! Oh, wait! There is one thing! You have to drink from the magic potty before midnight if you want to live!"

So, the king went out in search of the magic potty. After hours of searching, he finally found it! The sparkling magic potty!

"Ewwww! Do I really have to do this?" The king said to himself. "Well, okay... if I want to live I will have to!" Then, just as the king leaned over to take a drink, (Ewwwww) a big green monster popped up out of the toilet!

"WHO DARES COME NEAR MY HOME?" said the monster.

"It is I, the king! And the witch told me that if I don't drink from this potty before midnight I will die!"

 "SO? WHAT'S YOUR POINT?" asked the green monster.

 All of a sudden the magic potty FLUSHED! The monster went around and around and around until it was completely out of sight! The joyful king took a deep breath, leaned over and drank from the toilet's sparkling water! 
He then went to a pet store and bought himself a dog. Then they went back to the castle... and the king and poochie lived happily ever after! 


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