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For Bill

   You are the one that is always
there to help whenever needed

To advise, to comfort, to soothe
and reassure, to figure it out, 
to investigate  possibilities, to weigh options, 
to find a solution. 

To move what needs to be moved, 
to carry what needs to be carried, 
to lift the weight that needs to be lifted-
whether physically 
or emotionally.

   How many times have people said, almost without realizing it, 
"Let's ask Bill," or "Ask Dad," or
"Bebop will know".

     Well, realize it. And for all the people for whom you have been there, I'm saying,
"Thank you".

How drab our lives would be without the beauty and memories your photographs have given us. 

And I can't imagine what life would  be like without your unconditional love, availability, 
and constant caring. 

Always remember how much
I love and appreciate you.

Background photo by Bill