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In addition to being a Chief Financial Officer, Bill enjoys photography...
virtually all the photographs on the entire site of "Jan's Joyous Jungle" were taken by him! 
You'll find his photos on most pages and some great scenic photos on our travels page. 

As a sideline, Bill also did wedding, sports, and beauty pageant photography, as well as some commercial photography for many years. 
He is also a former chairman of our city' parks and recreation comission, on which
he still holds a seat.

Bill is now emi-retired.  He still holds his positon as Chief Financial Officer, but works only
10 days a month.  He likes to say he is never more than 2 weeks away from a two week vacation! 

An number of years ago (also as a sideline) we owned a mobile Disc Jockey Service and played for wedding receptions, school dances, parties, class reunions, and any other gathering for which music was needed! Bill and I even did some of the "Deejaying" ourselves until we came to the realization that running the business from behind the scenes was a lot easier!
As a testament to his enjoyment of music, Bill also enjoys  playing the saxophone, although it has been a while now since he has taken the time to do it.  He loaned it to our grandson, Ryan, who used it to play in his elementary school band... but now that he is in about to graduate from high school,Ryan no longer has need of it.

Bill was a volunteer firefighter for our county for 15 years, 13 of which he was the volunteer fire chief. He was also an officer in the County Volunteer Firefighters association for 12 years. During that time he would answer a page in the middle of the night and dash off to fight house fires, warehouse or office fires, haystack fires and even summer time forest fires, and frequently was needed to help people injured in car accidents. After a night of this he would often return home with barely enough time to take a shower and dash off to the office!

Bill has  a website of his own, which he will be dedicating to his large collection of Anheuser Busch beer steins.

He is an avid wood-worker and builds birdhouses and mirrored wall decorations including ones he designs from old window frames. 

He also designs and builds miniature churches that are lighted and have fully-furnished interiors, complete with pews, carpet, altar, pulpit, etc... Click on the church to see some of them!

Here are some thoughts of Bill's.

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