A story by Ryan B.
Age 8
(as dictated to Gran)

     Once upon a time there was a boy named Nick. His parents wanted him to pack up all his stuff because they were moving. "But WHERE are we moving to?" Nick asked. His parents told him that they were moving to the state of Maine.
Nick said, "But I LIKE it here in California!"
     That night Nick had a dream. Nick dreamed that he was driving down a highway for miles and miles without stopping. And then when they got to Maine his parents woke him up. They said, 'Nick, we're ready to move!"
     Nick looked puzzled. "I thought we already did!" His parents looked at Nick and then they looked at each other and laughed. "You were probably dreaming!"

     Nick and his parents got in their blue Chevy and drove off.  After about an hour Nick dozed off. They kept driving and driving and driving until Nick's dad said, "Wake up, Nick! We're heading over the mountains!"
     Nick said, "Can't I just go back to sleep and you can wake me up when we're on the other side of the mountains?" So they kept driving and driving until they got to the other side of the mountains.
     They soon saw a sign that said "Entering Nevada". They drove through lots of desert type country for a couple of hours. Nick got out his Pocket Poker game to pass the time. Soon they entered Utah and passed the great Salt Lake. It was very interesting and they could see white patches of salt floating on the water. They drove on and on and into Wyoming where they stopped at a Motel Six for the night. There were not very many cities in Wyoming and it seemed like just lots and lots of land.
     They drove on the next day and into Colorado. Nick's Dad said, "Look at these beautiful mountains! Lots of people come here to ski in the winter time."
     As they drove on, they saw a herd of wild donkeys approaching their car as they went around a corner. Nick said, "Mom! There is a herd of wild donkeys! What do I do!!?"
"Well, you could start by rolling your window up", replied his mom. Nick agreed that was a good idea. "Punch it Dad!" he said. After that they soon entered Arizona. When Nick had just won $1000 in his Pocket Poker game his parents said, "Look at this!"
     Nick looked out his window and said, "It looks like a bunch of cows to me!" His dad said," Wrong window!" So Nick looked out the window on the other side of the car and he saw the Grand Canyon! His dad stopped the car and they got out. Nick looked over the edge and said, "I wonder if there are fish down in that little stream?"

     His dad said, "Probably so. Besides, that's NOT little...that thing is a a big river, called the Colorado's just really far down!"
     After they finished looking at the Grand Canyon, his dad said, "We've got to go..there are a lot more sights to see." Nick was riding down the highway for 5 minutes, but it seemed like a couple of months to Nick. Nick said, "Can we stop? I'm hungry!!" So they stopped to get gas and for a bite at Carl's Jr.
     They drove on into Texas and Nick's dad said, "I have a surprise for you, Nick!"
     "What, Dad?" Nick got anxious to know. His dad said, I'll tell you in a couple of hours."
     Nick turned away and said that will be FOREVER!"
     "Watch your mouth, Son!" his dad said. Nick went back to playing his Pocket Poker game. In a couple of hours they stopped in Lubbock, Texas at his Aunt Megan's house.
    "Is this my surprise?" Nick asked.His dad said, "Yep."
     Nick ran in and gave Aunt Megan a big hug.
     Aunt Megan said, "How are you doing? Long time no see!"
     Nick said,"I'm fine but I'm pretty tired of driving."
     "Do you want to borrow my electronic chess game for the rest of the trip? But you have to mail it back when you get to your new house." said Aunt Megan.
     "Sure. Thanks!" said Nick.

     The next morning Nick's mom said, "It's time to go, Nick".
     "Already?" Nick whined. His mom said, "Yes....already. Don't you want to get to our new house?"
     "Yes, but I want to stay here with Aunt Megan, too. Could I get some airplane tickets?" asked Nick.
His Dad said, "No..You'll miss the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma!"
     "OKAY," said Nick.
     When they got to Oklahoma it was night again. They stopped for the night at the Holiday Inn. Nick's dad said, "I'm going to go check out the refreshment table!"
     "Count me in!" Nick's mom said.
     Nick said, "I'M going to the swimming pool, OK?" Right after Nick dove off the diving board, Nick's mom said, "Nick! They have your favorite! Payday Chocolate!"
     Nick said, "I'll be right there!"
     The next day, Nicks mom said, "Come on Nick. We've got to go! We just have three more days until we get to Maine!" Before they left Oklahoma City, they went to the Cowboy Hall of Fame and saw the End of the Trail statue of an exhausted indian on his exhausted horse. Nick remembered that it 
came from his home state in Visalia, California. When they were finished seeing the museum, Nick told his mom and dad that his favorite part was Will Roger's twirling rope. 
     For the next few days they drove through Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, stopping at gas stations, restaurants, and Motel Six. They finally got to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and saw where the Constitution of the United States was signed. After seeing the sights there, they drove on to New York.
     Nick had a blast in New York! Nick asked his mom if he could go roller-blading through Central Park. "Okay," she said... and he did. Then they drove and could see the Statue of Liberty from a distance. "Can we go there, huh, Dad? Can we? Can we? Can we?" Nick asked.
     "Sure!" said Dad,
     "That's a good thing for a kid to see,"said his mom, "Plus, it might be educating".
     "Are we going to get to go on a police boat to it?" Nick asked his dad.
     "Probably not," said his mom, and she and his dad laughed. It turned out to be a tourist boat but it was fun anyway.
     "Can we go up into the crown?" asked Nick.
      "Sure," said his dad. When they got to the top of the Statue, Nick was amazed at how far he could see!

When they were done in New York, they drove through New England and, since it was autumn, they saw all the different colors of leaves. Nick said, "Look at those! Can we stop and collect some?" 
     Nick's Dad said, "No, because we will have those things in our own front yard at our new house! We have two Sugar Maple trees in our yard at our new house! They're the ones that turn bright red!"
     "Really?" Nick said excitedly.
     "Yep!" said his dad.
     "Uh oh", said Nick. "Who has to rake the leaves?" he worriedly asked.
     "You got it!" said his mom, laughing.

     "But I'm ony NINE!" said Nick.   
     "Right", said his dad, "You're old enough to do work!" They all laughed.
     In a couple of hours they were in Maine. "Finally!" said Nick. 
     When they got  to their new house Nick said, "Wow! Is that really a two-story house?"
     "Yep!" said his dad, "It really is!" 
     "I can't believe we're HOME!" Nick said.

The End

Or maybe....

the beginning!


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