Baby Health Guide by NEW!

Raising Smart Kids
A parent's guide on how to raise smart, bright and intelligent kids and a resource for educational toys, gifts and other learning materials.
A Child-safe site for the encouragement and support of parents and families around the world.

Parent Time

Parenting articles and advice geared to the age of your child. Many well-known experts offer
their input and you'll also find chats, bulletin boards and more.

Baby Zone

The Baby Zone is primarily for expectant parents, and includes
sections on childbirth choices, fatherhood, baby gear and maternity

Baby Center

This site is reviewed by doctors and other experts, and offers advice,
current articles, connections to other parents and much more.

 New Parents Personal Finance Guide

It's common wisdom that having a baby will change your life; most expecting parents read up on parenting books and prepare for sleep deprivation and the care and feeing of a newborn.

But don't overlook the financial ramifications of starting a family. Having children has a huge impact on your financial life, affecting everything from your budget and insurance needs to retirement, and should be planned for accordingly. As you welcome a child into the world, it's the perfect time to take stock of your finances and make some adjustments to your game plan.

The Baby Place

This site has lists of available products for parents of babies and
toddlers. It also has FAQs and lists of parenting books that are
available. No real input by experts, but an interesting site.

Kids Health

This site offers well-written articles about children's health issues for
parents and professionals.

This is an online magazine that contains articles about all kinds of
family-related issues. Travel, taxes, health, working parents, and all that
you might expect to find in a comprehensive family magazine.

National Parent Information Network

This is a great site for well-organized information and links to more  information. Much of it comes from the massive repository of ERIC,  t he  federally funded Educational Resource Information Center. It offers  news, book reviews, a Parents "Ask ERIC" feature, discussions etc..

The Natural Child Project

If you have visited my page titled Spoiling or Nurturing, then you have read a
sample of what is offered on this great site.  The vision of this site is is a world in which
all children are treated with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion.

Harvard Center for Children's Health

The Harvard Center for Children's Health was created in 1995 to
translate what we know about children's health into what we do to improve children's health and well-being. Over 100 faculty at the graduate schools of Harvard University are conducting research to improve our understanding of what places children at risk for poor health and development;  and what programs and services are effective in preventing these risks.


ParentPartners is offered to help you learn how to enhance your child's
development from prenatal to age 5- what to look for, what to do, and
what's unique about your child. Parents receive a free development
profile of their child across the multiple intelligences (language, social
logic & numbers, and more).

ABC'S  Of  Parenting

Parenting and pregnancy index with reviews of thousands of sites,  articles on child, infant, health and women's issues.

Moms Online

Moms Online is an online community of moms -- whether pregnant, with
babies, toddlers, or teens -- meeting to share support,  infoorrrmmattttion,
encouragement, and camaraderie.

Parents is the Web site for G+J Publishing's magazines including
Parents, Child, McCall's and Family Circle. It is wholly devoted to
parenthood issues and includes related content from each of these
magazines as well as original news and interactive features.

Parent Soup

Advice on parenting children of all ages. Discussion groups, bulletin 
boards and more.

ositive Parenting

Welcome to Positive Parenting, dedicated to providing resources and
information to make parenting rewarding, effective and fun!

Common Sense Parenting

Searching for answers to your parenting questions? Boys Town USA's
Common Sense Parenting website answers your questions about
parenting and has resources for better parenting.

Who's Watching the Children

This site offers really important information about child care including comprehensive checklists and questions you should ask before making choices of daycare for your child.

The National Parenting Center

Dedicated to providing parents with comprehensive and responsible guidance from the world's most renowned child-rearing authorities.

The Parenting Library Catalogue

The Parenting Library features articles on raising children.

Parenting on the Go

A great site for quick tips for parents who want an answer 
about something and need it right now! solutions for "nipping 
problems in the bud".

The Family Corner

Parents are always looking for good, solid advice about parenting
issues. Maybe you will find what you are looking for here.


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