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Spring of 2001

Going to the Prom!




    How the years have flown!  Taylor is our first-born grandchild and is now (January 2013) 
29 years old.  She is the child of our eldest daughter, Mindy,  whose memorial page you can visit here.  Taylor is smart, pretty, kind, and tall-  5 foot 10 1/2 inches - and has sparkling brown eyes and a smile that will gladden your heart!  She often seems quiet and introspective, but when you least expect it, she surprises and delights you with her mature outlook, her dry wit and her fearlessness!  We are very proud of the responsible young woman she has become. 

   In high school Taylor lettered in volleyball  (you can see her in her letter jacket in one picture above).
She played with a  volley ball club as an extra-curricular activity for several years.  During her college years she coached a teen girls volleyball team.

Taylor graduated with honors in 2005 from a southeast university with a degree in psychology. She is a member of the Tau chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, a national honors fraternity. 
She is employed as a mental health therapist.  Scroll down for updates!

Taylor amidst  the DC Cherry Blossoms
March 30, 2008


May 8th, 2011 Taylor is awarded her Master's Degree in Counseling

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