By Ryan B.
As dictated to Gran
in 1998

Our story starts in Helena, Montana where Mike Kramer and his family were just about to move to Texas. They had to catch the train before noon or it would leave without them... and that would be a lot of money thrown in the trash. Mike was the kind of kid who really cared about people, enjoyed sports, and anything that was a challenge. He also had a really good sense of humor and was very adventurous. His mother didn't really like the adventurous part (she sorta', kinda' said "no" to everything) so Mike was always having to figure out a way to convince her to let him do things... or in his case he usually did it anyway. When he got caught, you usually heard, "Oh no.....Sorry Mom...umm ...errrr.....Dad told me I could! Yeah, that's it...Dad TOLD me I could! Heh heh!" 
     Mike always said he wanted a really good adventure. What he never expected was that the REAL adventure was just around the corner! Mike's little sister, Julia, was sorta' kinda' really annoying most of the time.... except for when she snuck cookies or goodies for them. She wasn't really into adventures... she was more into 
dolls and "girly stuff". 
     It was almost noon - they had better get going or they would miss the train. They got to the train station and hopped onto the train just in the nick of time! 
     After the train went a few hundred miles, they discovered that terrorists were on the train! What they saw was a man running from the back of the train with a gun in one hand and a lighter in the other. Then more men came with gallons of gasoline! The men climbed out the window of the moving train and onto the the roof, as Mike and his family watched in horror! They could hear the thump of them walking on the roof overhead and saw liquid dripping down the window and smelled the scent of gasoline. Mike's dad grabbed Mike's little sister and whipered, " Move away from the window!" They all moved quickly toward the back door of the train and just as they got to the back door they heard a big WHOOSH! 
     Dad yelled, "That's fire!" 
     The family saw a bridge ahead. The engineer yelled over the microphone, "A fire has burned the brakes out! Everyone try to remain calm!"
     The family saw the water up ahead and realized they were about to go over a bridge. Dad yelled," When we cross over the bridge everyone jump into the water! It's our only chance!"
     Mike and his family jumped right when they came to the water. Mike thought how glad he was that they all knew how to swim. As they were trying to swim toward the bank, they saw a big explosion up ahead and realized it was their train! The strong current swept Mike's little sister out of her dad's arms just as they were almost to the river bank! "Oh no!" he yelled just as Mike and his mother climbed out of the water. "Julia is being pulled toward a waterfall!" Mike raced ahead to the edge of the waterfall and caught his sister just as she was about to go over! He pulled her up onto the river bank. 
     After they all caught their breath, they hiked down the moutain by the riverside. They saw a speedboat coming toward them. 
     "I recognize those people! They are the terrorists!" cried his dad!

     Suddenly Mike noticed an old fishing net along the bank. He got an idea! Mike and his mom quickly went across the narrow part of the river. The terrorists were still coming toward them. Mike and his mom each had a stick that was connected to the net. They lowered it down to where you couldn't see it under the water. Right when the speedboat came near, everyone was low to the ground. As the speed boat came along, Mike and his family all lifted the net and the front of the boat ripped a hole through the fishing net which caused the boat to bounce and knocked the terrorists off the boat. One of their guns was tossed off and landed right beside Mike's dad! The boat hit a rock and bounced everything on the boat off. Mike saw a cell phone among the things that landed on the bank. The terrorists were in the water tangled in the fishing net. 
     "DON'T MOVE!" yelled Mike's dad as he pointed the shotgun at them!
     Julia said, "Daddy, they can't move, anyway," as she saw how they were tangled in the net. 
      Mike dialed 911 on the terrorist's cell phone and soon help was on the way.
      An hour later, the police got there and Mike and his family got to Texas safely. Their new neighbors gave them a great housewarming party because they were heroes!
      Mike had always wanted a great adventure. Now he had had one! Mike said to his mother, "I never want to go on an adventure again!" 



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