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Whenever we have the opportunity, Bill and I really enjoy traveling. We look forward to every kind of trip, from 2-3 day weekend getaways to longer vacations. So far our travels have been limited to the United States and Canada. Since we live on the west coast, you are correct to assume that we have visited (many times) San Francisco, Napa ValleySan Diego, Carmel and Monterey, Yosemite National ParkSequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (the Redwood forests)...plus just about every other well-known or not so well-known California destination. Another place we have visited is Hawaii. (Our eldest daughter, Mindy, was living there at the time). Other vacation sites were Seattle,Vancouver Island BCNashville, Washington DC, Williamsburg, Virginia, New York, and New England
Our very favorites of all these vacations are the ones we spent in New England in the fall! In fact, we enjoyed the breathtaking colors of the fall foliage so much during our first visit in 1995, that we spent our vacation time there again in 1997! That time we visited Maine's coast and Acadia National park. In Camden, Maine, we stayed at the lovely Hawthorn Inn - a charming Bed and Breakfast. We also took the beautiful drive on the Kancamagus highway (across from Lincoln to Conway in New Hampshire in the White Mountains) to view the gorgeous "peaking" fall foliage!  More recently we visited beautiful, unspoiled  *Oregon. Here are some pictures we took on that trip.  And in the fall of 2002 we visited *Pennslyvania for the Autumn colors.  Because Bill is an avid photographer, we have many beautiful pictures to remind us of our vacations. 

On Oct. 3rd, 2000, we returned from a week in Vermont. We were disappointed that we were about a week or so too early for the autumn foliage. Nature opted to not cooperate with our schedule this year! However, Vermont at any time of the year is lovely... fresh and unspoiled. We spent our time finding and photographing the picturesque covered bridges for which Vermont is well-known. Click on the covered bridge icon below to see some of those photos.
*Indicates link to our own pictures.

*Covered Bridges of Vermont
Below are some pictures Bill took during our 
trip to New England in the fall of 1995 and 1997! 
If you want to see themost beautiful place
 in the world during autumn- Click below!

See Bill's New England photos!
Another Great Autumn Photo!

 Here are JAVA applets made from fall photos that
Bill took on some of our New England trips! 
*"Fall Lake" applet!
*"Bridge and Lake" applet!

Yosemite National Park
     in early April of 2000.  Click on the thumbnail pictures below
to see larger views of these pictures that were taken by Bill.

*Yosemite Falls 
*El Capitan and 
Bridal Veil Falls

SEE and HEAR Niagra Falls! 

The photos on this page were all taken by Bill.
©copyright 2000 by William Nelson 
"Jan's Journeys"*
This is my very favorite link for great reviews and pictures of California and Hawaii Bed
and Breakfast Inns! There is also a 12 destination road trip story with reviews of 
Bed & Breakfast Inns throughout Northern California, Oregon. Washington and British Columbia. 
Wonderful reviews and photographs! 
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