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Geometry Dash is a 2D platform game by RobTop Games. This one-man-made game is famous for its hardcore gameplay and excellent electronic soundtrack. Download Geometry Dash to test your patience and speed of reaction. The game is available on Google Play and the App Store. 

Features Review

So Much Pain

The Geometry Dash game can easily frustrate you because it’s not easy to complete a single level. Some challenges may take hours! And we don’t recommend you to play it when you’re sleepy or angry. If you decide to install Geometry Dash, you have to prepare your nerve system to hundreds of failures, and that’s what makes Geometry Dash so special. It’s creator, Robert Topala (aka RobTop) was influenced by the Impossible Game that had a similar style and rhythmic gameplay. He decided to mix it with some groovy electronic tracks and got an incredibly catchy game in the end. 

Hardest Way To Listen To Music 

If you came to play Geometry Dash because you liked the music in the trailer, you should be ready to struggle. The only way to listen to each track from start to end is to complete levels. You have no right for mistakes. Each tie you miss the tap, you have to start the entire level from the very beginning. If you make over 100 attempts, the song may get really annoying! However, the line up of DJs who created the soundtrack for Geometry Dash gameplay is fantastic. It features some of the best European artists. 

Start With Lite

The original Geometry Dash full game includes 21 levels. Believe it or not, you can play 17 of them for free in the Geometry Dash Lite version. It’s a nice chance to try the game and see whether it’s your type or not. If you’re the crazy one who managed to complete 17 levels within a few days, get the full version. Besides, you can get 3 DLC level packs with extended gameplay mechanics and new tracks. I even added a couple of them to my Apple Music after playing for Geometry Dash review. 


► 17 levels are available for free;
► Powerful DLCs with unique mechanics;
► You can design and share your own levels.


► It may appear to be too hardcore;
► The level editor is paid. 

Platformer From Hell 

Geometry Dash deserves a cybersports tournament as it’s one of the most difficult games out there. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly addictive. You’re guaranteed to spend hours trying to complete it, but the final result is worth it. Download Geometry Dash and you will see!

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