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Sims Mobile is an adaptation of the famous life-simulator available on iOS. Your Sim has to land a job, attend social events, watch the happiness meter, make friends/enemies and follow his/her dreams and aspirations. Download Sims Mobile to have the classic game with you wherever you go.


Features Review

It seems like it's classic Sims

The game will most likely give you a flashback: it's scarily similar to the early Sims games for PC. Only with a few touches that nicely freshen it up. First of all, the graphics consist of canonical 3D plastic models/structures. But obviously, they got a light facelift, making the game look more up-to-date.

Your journey in Sims Mobile begins with a short tutorial, provided by the Sim named Bella. She explains ins & outs, especially in terms of the in-game currency. And after it's complete, your simulated life kickstarts. You'll have to:

? Take care of your fixer-upper house.

? Customize looks of your Sim: body, hair, face.

? Buy clothes to make your character look fashionable.

? Find a part-time job.

?Make friends, enemies or even frenemies.

? Go to parties and be wild.

Your Sim will have a daily to-do list and also a number of Quests to accomplish. A to-do thingy usually looks like this:

  1. Don't forget to socialize.

  2. Show some ambition.

  3. Make the most of the day.

Each successfully completed task awards you with cash and XP points.

Trash talk

This Sims Mobile review reminds that you can meet other players and be rude/friendly to them. To emphasize an emotion, the speech balloons now feature emojis along with gibberish the Sims utter.

Your character can do the daily tasks automatically if you have little time and also there's a chance to get a roomie, so your awards get doubled. The weakest side of the game is its energy meter which depletes rapidly. To recharge it you can:

? Watch video ads.

? Tell the Sim go to bed.

? Just wait.

? Eat cupcakes (payable).

? Cough up from $4.99 to $99.99.

As for the rest, it's almost a canonical Sims game, with all the elements that we like so much.

Bottom Line

Download Sims Mobile and build a house of your dream, start a romance or a feud, begin a stellar career and just have fun, meeting new Sims in the game's world.

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