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Minecraft is one of the most recognizable games in the world, also available for iOS users. Build cuboid structures, mine resources, partake in massive flashmobs and play game mods of various toughness. All of it will be available once you download the Minecraft iOS edition.

Features Review

Less whining, more mining

Minecraft is known for its sandbox freedom of crafting whatever your imagination is capable of producing. It can be:

➠ Mario and Luigi statues crafted from TNT.

➠ Precise recreation of the King's Landings from the Game of Thrones.

➠ Space shuttle station.

➠ The entire city (check Minecraft City Building Project).

➠ A pirate galleon.

➠ Minas Tirith from the Lord of Rings, etc.

And some people even design inch-by-inch recreations of their bedrooms. Such freedom of vision is possible in the Creative mod, which is supported in the iOS version.

In the survival mod, you'll be dealing with another type of challenge. First, while the sun is still high, you collect resources necessary to build a shelter, craft some tools and an initial arsenal of weapons. When it's finished, you'd best be prepared: after sunset, all types of monsters will come at you. Maybe with the exception of Enderman. Sometimes you'll have to fend them off for at least one hour.

And there are countless mods to enjoy: Lucky Box, Colossal Chests, RandomPortals, Get Ya' Tanks Here, Desert Lands, Multiplayer and so on.


This Minecraft review assures you that iOS version remains nearly identical to the PC/console edition of the game. So you can enjoy your favorite cuboid sandbox wherever you are: on the bus, train, plane or simply chilling in your bed in the lazy morning.

The Better Together update introduced the cross-platform multiplayer. That means you're not limited to the mobile servers anymore, whenever playing iOS Minecraft. Your PS4, Xbox and PC friends will be able to join you as well. And the latest 1.9 version added feline and panda models downloadable for free.

Bottom Line

Download Minecraft for your iOS gizmo and go on a building spree in the Creative mod, explore other mods, invite your friends to ally forces and go to a trolling crusade online. the whole Minecraft universe is in the palm of your hand.

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